Multi Room Audio

The options are endless…

Multi Room Audio

The options are endless…

Multi Room Audio Integration

There is not many better feelings in the world than getting home after a long day and taking off your shoes – but there is that moment you are able to turn on your favourite music and let the rhythm take over your worries. 

We take sound very seriously and know how important it is to have a sound system that goes with personal requirements – no matter how big or small the system.  Tony prides himself upon keeping as up-to-date with the latest deals and products within the Audio Visual world which ensures you get the best quality speakers and AMPs we can find.

If you have young children or teenagers, or if you and your partner have different tastes in music, rooms can be individualised with their own music and video controls. Incorporate audio home automation features whereby when a light is turned on in a room, music starts to play.  By customising a multi-room system in your home, you can give each person access to their own music and movies/TV without affecting everyone else.  Easy to use keypads or a universal remote for smart control – Keypads mounted discreetly on the wall or a wireless universal remote can be used to easily manage your multi-room AV.  New technology is enabling touchscreen devices like your i-pad and i-phone can be used to find and play music and videos stored elsewhere in the house.

Create a gaming room – With the introduction of interactive consoles like Wii, and internet access enabling gaming online like with X-Box Live, it makes sense to create a gaming room! A gaming room can be a dedicated room set up like a gaming parlour, or it can be integrated into a room that is also used for other purposes.

our app

Our app based multi-room system allows the music to follow you throughout your home as it
switches the music between the rooms or alternatively join them all. Modeliving offers a range of systems such as systems that are permanent and hidden, to portable and on the go units that can me moved throughout your home.

each room with their own music

The process

For more information concerning the different multi-room audio systems available, complete this form and we will get in touch with you to schedule a further discussion or a visit. We will carefully assess your requirements and make recommendations where needed.

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