Smart Lighting

One button can control everything…

Smart Lighting

One button can control everything…

Smart Lighting

It’s not a switch or a bulb. Ambience is to create the character and atmosphere of a place.

Smart lighting offers multiple configurations to create an ambience across the entire house or in just a few selected spaces, including finishes to suit any budget. Regardless if you want to do an entire fit out in one go or start small and add more later, smart lighting will be tailored to fit your needs and provide options for every home.

Hands free illumination

With no contact required, your home will know when you arrive in the darkness of night and set your lights to lead the way. You will never need to arrive home to a dark house again. Motion sensors offers the solution to contactless illumination for the restroom, kitchen and hallways. Voice activation can light the way when your hands are full or alternatively you by means of voice activation, and from the comfort of your bed, instruct every fixture to turn off.

One single button

Keypads feature customised buttons which grants the control over multiple functions – from movies, music, locks, thermostats, garage doors, front doors, internet. Activate or deactivate multiple fixtures, rooms or the entire house with one single instruction as you head out the door on your way out. No longer will it be required to travel room by room to ensure the lights are switched off and fixtures are turned off.

From bright to brilliant

The process

For more information concerning the different lighting systems available, complete this form and we will get in touch with you to schedule a further discussion or a visit. We will carefully assess your requirements and make recommendations where needed.

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