Home & Office Integration

Complete smart home/office control, from one place…

Home & Office Integration

Complete smart home/office control, from one place…

Complete home/office integration

Modeliving are the only qualified installers of Control4 in the Wairarapa region making us uniquely certified to assist in your full smart home needs.  We offer a vast range of quality products and have the expertise to bring your home to life.

It is our aspiration to create efficient and functional smart homes. We have never been engaged in a project that we were unable to accommodate. Automating or controlling components of your home by means of a single application, will create the comfort, security, entertainment, and lighting collectively, tailored to meet your needs.

what is a smart home?

Home of the future will continue to become more and more connected and with more connected accessories means more complexities for you as you attempt to combine them together or manage them from individual apps.

A smart home removes the complexities in several ways such as professional smart home design, installation, configuration, and management of all your home technology needs.

With a well-designed operating and personalised system you will simplify living with technology.

an intelligent home

A smart home is programmed to always keeps you informed. Remain informed and in control of everything happening in and around your home. No matter if you are in the laundry or enjoying your holiday across the world.

Bringing everything together

The process

For more information concerning the different home integration systems available, complete this form and we will get in touch with you to schedule a further discussion or a visit. We will carefully assess your requirements and make recommendations where needed.

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