When it comes to the safety of your home or business, compromising on security is not an option. Ensuring the effectiveness of your security infrastructure is not just about investing in the best alarms or camera systems; it’s also about their regular maintenance and optimal operation. With this in mind, we created our Enhanced Preventive Maintenance service, crafted specifically to keep your security systems functioning at their best.

Understanding Enhanced Preventive Maintenance

But what exactly is Enhanced Preventive Maintenance? For an annual fee, this service goes beyond the usual checks and fixes. With comprehensive care, we evaluate every aspect of your security cameras and alarm systems to ensure they are not just functional but offering the highest degree of protection at all times. This ensures your security measures are always one step ahead.


Why Opt for Enhanced Preventive Maintenance?

You might wonder, with a standard security system in place, why there’s a need for such an enhanced service. The answer is simple: proactive safety. Think of this service as a health check-up for your security systems. Regular check-ups catch and prevent potential issues to ensure they’re operating as they should. This kind of proactive commitment ensures unparalleled safety and gives homeowners and business operators peace of mind all year round.

Security systems, like all electronic setups, can degrade over time. Factors such as weather, potential software issues, or even minor damages that go unnoticed can compromise the integrity of the system. Also, if you inherited a security system when purchasing your home, it’s crucial to ensure that you’ve updated the access details. Sometimes, old users might still retain access to outdated systems, unintentionally posing an additional security risk. Enhanced Preventive Maintenance actively seeks out potential problems and rectifies them before they can become genuine threats.

Enhanced Preventive Maintenance catches the problems before they start, which makes a significant difference. Ever experienced the frustration of your alarm system’s backup battery going flat during critical times like the Christmas holidays or while you’re on holiday? Or the unease of realising your smoke detectors, linked to your alarm system, might be past their recommended age or not in optimal working condition? Enhanced¬† Preventive Maintenance mitigates concerns like these by making regular assessments of these important components.

When it comes to safeguarding what’s important to us, there can be no compromises. With Enhanced Preventive Maintenance, you’re making a choice for consistent, robust, and reliable security.

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