At Modeliving, we understand that security is of utmost importance to all businesses, regardless of their size or budget. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the complexity of the topic, or you’re  unsure of where to start, don’t worry! We’re here to help. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with practical do’s and don’ts for an effective business security plan that you can start implementing today, regardless of your budget. We believe that security doesn’t have to be complicated or require a substantial investment. With the right knowledge and approach, you can create a safer environment for your business without breaking the bank. Let’s explore some key practices that can make a significant difference in your security journey.


  1. Install entry-level CCTV cameras to identify who has been in your store. This can help track missing products and also act as a deterrent to potential thieves. We can also establish a designated zone around valuable items, such as a diamond, for example. If any movement or obstruction of view occurs within this zone, it will trigger an instant notification.
  2. Invest in alarm systems to detect unauthorised access and alert you of any potential threats.
  3. Implement physical barriers such as automatic gates and deterrents to secure your business premises. Consider card access doors to restrict entry to authorised personnel. If you have a storage yard, ensure vehicles have physical boundaries in place to protect both assets and the general public, while complying with health and safety regulations.
  4. Educate your employees about security practices and promoting a culture of security awareness is invaluable. Train them on how to identify and report suspicious activities, enforce strong password policies, and educate them about social engineering and phishing scams. Encourage employees to be vigilant and take an active role in the security of the business.
  5. Keep doors secure by ensuring they are locked securely. You could even install locks that require key card access, which ensure only authorised people can enter.


  1. Make it easy for thieves: Take proactive measures to minimise opportunities for theft, such as proper security protocols, locked doors, and secure storage. Keeping valuable stock away from easy reach or sight is an effective way to reduce the possibility of theft.
  2. Neglect staff protection: Establish clear procedures to ensure the safety of your employees. Train them on security protocols and empower them to report any suspicious activities. Leading by example creates an environment where staff feel supported in this area – show your initiative!
  3. Neglect regular security assessments: Security threats are ever-present. Conducting regular security assessments helps identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your business’s security infrastructure. Ignoring these assessments can leave you susceptible to potential threats.
  4. Underestimate the importance of security: Recognise that security is a significant concern for businesses of all sizes. Take it seriously and allocate the necessary resources to protect your assets and staff. Be proactive about your practices!
  5. Hesitate to seek expert advice: Security is a complex and specialised field. Consult with security professionals like Modeliving, who can provide tailored solutions and guidance to enhance your business’s security posture.

Business security plays a vital role in protecting your assets and ensuring the safety of your staff. By implementing effective security measures by following our do’s and don’ts, you can significantly reduce the risk of theft and other security threats. At Modeliving, we are committed to helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of business security and providing the expertise needed to create a safer environment. We understand the importance of protecting what you love, whether it’s your livelihood or the assets you’ve worked hard for. Your priorities are our priorities too.

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