Summer is truly here and it’s time to make the most of it! Modeliving has a reputation for being the Wairarapa and Wellington’s home security experts, but we also offer a huge range of services and products that can take your outdoor living to the next level – especially at this time of year! Keep reading on for four ways to create an outdoor space that your family and friends will love to spend time in this summer – and every year to come!

Create a Garden Oasis

Who wants to be inside on a beautiful, sunny day? Not us! With all the time you’ll be spending in the summer sun this year, having an outdoor space that you love to be in should be a priority! 

There’s no better time to create the garden of your dreams than when the weather is warm and the days are long. Why not add in a water feature or schedule in your landscaping team for a refresh!

What would we include in ours? An easy choice would be the Triad Garden Array landscape speakers for seamless, wireless outdoor tunes! For full-coverage sound that delivers consistency and vibrancy, it doesn’t get much better than these. Outdoor speakers can create an idyllic retreat, or turn up the volume and keep the party going all night long! 

Stay Connected

Would you love to be outdoors but have to stay close to the house to reach the wifi? Maybe it’s time to add a wireless access point!

A wireless access point extends your home network, meaning you can stay connected even when you’re out of doors. With your connectivity concerns a thing of the past, why not take that video call outside and soak up some sun at the same time? Plus, there’s no need to use up all your data just to stream music by the pool anymore!

Whether it’s for productivity or for entertainment, increasing the range of your network is a surefire way to enhance and increase the time you and your family spend outside this summer. 

Work Smarter, not Harder

Smart lights are here to change the game! Set the tone perfectly each evening from your device. Dim the lights for a romantic outdoor experience or turn them up (or off!) when the party starts!

You’ll be stoked that you installed smart lights when the day turns to dusk and some illumination is necessary. Don’t think twice about it either, once they’re set up they’ll work their automatic magic all by themselves. 

Whether you need exterior lighting for calm or cocktails, smart lighting offers so much peace of mind and security to homeowners everywhere. Tailor them to turn on and off when you’re away on holiday and feel safe knowing there’s nothing ‘shady’ going on. We can even get them to flash when your security alarm goes off!

Take Indoors, Outside

With your outdoor space decked out with the best speaker system and lighting on offer, you’ll want reasons to hang out there even when the holiday guests have gone home! 

Switch up your home entertainment routine and consider an outdoor television or projector for a private outdoor cinematic experience. Trust us, that’s a family memory to cherish for years to come. 

Exterior TVs are designed for the outdoors, so there’s no need to stress about rain, salt, humidity or temperatures! Outdoor TVs are calibrated with higher brightness and sharper pictures, so rest assured there won’t be any issues with visibility, either. And come winter, just imagine soaking in the spa pool or relaxing in front of the brazier watching your favourite movie. Bliss!

So there you have it – four great ways to enhance your outdoor living! Create the outdoor space of your dreams with amazing outdoor sound, intelligent lighting, a consistent wifi connection and top-notch entertainment options. At Modeliving, we can make it all a reality! Simply get in touch to discuss your project. Whatever upgrades you’re looking to include in your garden oasis, we’ve got the expertise to help make it happen.

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