Does this sound familiar? You’re nice and warm in your car, heading out the driveway to start your day. But something gets in the way of your morning, forcing you to leave the comfortable sanctuary of your vehicle and brave the outdoors (sometimes even the rain!) – you have to open your gate! Perhaps you have the luxury of sending out kids or a partner to do the dirty work, but either way, there’s bound to be some grumbles as your journey continues.

It’s fair to say the Modeliving team would be open to more of their clients having automated gates! As full-time Modeliving designated driver, Tony gets to sit back and relax on site visits as Grace (our awesome office manager) is sent out on gate duty. It’s a situation that Grace isn’t shy about sharing her opinion on – let’s just say it’s been brought up more than once with Tony over a cup of coffee!

Benefits of an Automatic Gate

There’s no doubt that upgrading to an automatic gate comes with an abundance of conveniences – like not having to suffer through the weather of the day to leave, or return to, your home. 

Automatic gates also allow you to better protect your loved ones and your property. A manual gate can easily be left improperly latched, opened by a passer-by or pushed open by the wind (shout out to our Wellington-based clients!). Electric gates will not open accidentally or for a stranger, and have a much stronger close, leaving no room for a boisterous pet to open them. This also applies to children!

With an automated gate, enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have control over who enters your yard. This is an essential consideration for any home-owner with small kids playing outside. For folks out there with freedom-seeking pets, an automatic gate can be a much needed solution to keeping in the herd. It’s easy to set up an electric gate to automatically close once you’ve driven through too, reducing human error and anxiety-induced panic once you’ve reached your destination about whether you remembered to close the gate or not!

Which is the best automatic gate for you?

A major concern some clients have is that upgrading to an automatic gate will mean having to fork out for an entirely new gate. Modeliving have automated gates kits in stock that can be retroactively fitted to most existing gates. This results in a quicker install, reduced costs and no stress around trying to find a replacement gate that suits your home’s look.

Whether you have a swing gate or sliding gate, installing a gate kit is usually a simple process that reaps benefits that are anything but!

How to get started

There’s never a bad time to upgrade to an automatic gate! Our clients love the added comfort during the winter months, but nothing beats the feeling of knowing your family and property is safe from intruders any time of year. Modeliving has over 30 years delivering successful automation to gates – we know what works and can recommend the perfect solution for any gate you may have in mind! We proudly work with Kieran at Norse Ironworks for any new gates. Kieran’s an excellent gate manufacturer and does an awesome job! 

To get started, give us a call or flick us an email – Grace knows all about the inconvenience of not having an automatic gate, so she’ll get you started on the right track! 

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