Who else has noticed that the days are getting longer?! The Modeliving team certainly have and it’s hard not to feel positive about the summer months to come!

With warmer weather on its way, plans for outdoor gatherings, barbeques and holiday celebrations are starting to form. It doesn’t get much better than spending time with family and friends in the sunshine, sharing food and having a laugh – but why not make the most out of your quality time together and enhance the experience with premium technology solutions? Setting up an outdoor sound system, quality exterior lighting or a television or projector are sure-fire ways to bring life to your outdoor living this year – and elevate nice moments to priceless memories.

Outdoor Sound Systems 

Playing music is a proven way to boost our mood and set the tone for an event – whether it’s an upbeat social gathering or relaxing, intimate affair. Not every sound system is suitable for exterior conditions – to truly enjoy sound outdoors, you must implement a system that has been designed to be impervious to weather conditions and will fill open spaces with high-quality audio. 

Nothing kills the mood faster than a bluetooth speaker running out of battery, someone tripping over an extension cable or having to lug in a speaker in at the end of the night! These major inconveniences are easily avoided by engaging a professional to install a permanent speaker system in your outdoor area. Discrete options are available and will perfectly balance sound around the garden, patio or pool, without bothering the neighbours.

Outdoor Lighting

It’s not just music that contributes to ambience; lighting is also critical. Smart exterior lighting ensures that, with the touch of a button, you can easily evoke the right atmosphere for every occasion. Have total control over which lights shine and their brightness, whether you need them full-beam to keep an eye on the kids, or dim for a cosy night under the stars. 

Modeliving are experts in home security, and there’s no undervaluing the importance of lighting for security, either. During the summer months, many of us tend to leave our homes for trips away. An automated exterior lighting system will turn on during the evenings to aid passive surveillance measures, leaving you with peace of mind. Learn more about our automated light systems here

Outdoor Visual Set-Ups

For those looking for the ultimate outdoor living experience, look no further than an outdoor television or projector! Enjoy a movie night with the family as the sun goes down, relaxing with your favourite show from the spa or watching the game on the deck as you fire up the barbecue. Modeliving will work with you to design a system that suits your unique site and desires. Establish your home as the go-spot for social occasions, or simply luxuriate with private entertaining that tops any movie theatre experience.

Hiring an audio visual expert isn’t just about gaining access to the latest in home tech – it’s also to remove any burdens with set up and installation. With Modeliving’s assistance, your equipment will work the way it’s supposed to, with easy access to your favorite artists, playlists, shows or streams from the push of a button. Prevent inconvenience and feel confident in controlling your technology. Don’t waste time troubleshooting this summer, create memories with a solution that makes the most of your life outdoors!

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