Many of us are feeling increased pressures at the moment, so why not alleviate some of the burden by upping your home security measures?

Nothing feels better than knowing your home and assets are protected – now more than ever. Making your home more secure doesn’t need to be costly. While optimum security can be enhanced with high-tech solutions, raising your home security to the next level can be easy and affordable. 

Our newest team member, Ross, has extensive experience in the Police as a Scene of Crime Officer. With a deep understanding of criminal activity and how burglars operate, Ross has put together his top five home security tips to get you started.

Lock Windows and Doors
It might sound simple, but always lock your windows and doors when leaving the house. Thieves are tempted by ease and will be thwarted by barriers that make gaining access more difficult. In rural or small town communities, it can be comforting to think that ill-intentioned people aren’t lurking. Unfortunately, burglars will target the homes that are most vulnerable – think a tempting unlocked gate or open window.

Install Safety Stays
Windows safety stays are relatively easy to install and provide a high-degree of security by preventing windows from opening all the way. With many affordable options, safety stays make it possible to achieve all-day ventilation, while limiting access into your home. Take it easy with the knowledge that even if you accidentally leave a window open, your home is still secure.

Install the Noisiest Alarm Possible
One of the best things you can do is to install an alarm that makes as much interior noise as possible. A noisy alarm effectively encourages intruders to make a fast exit and alerts anyone in the surrounding area that something is amiss. For an added security measure, utilise an alarm monitoring company. Alarm monitoring better guarantees your home security, especially if you are away from home often! A monitored alarm is particularly useful for those who live in, or travel to, areas where cell coverage is patchy or non-existent. 

Don’t Leave a Key Out
You’d be surprised at the number of jobs we attend that ‘leave a key out’ for us, under a doormat or in the post box. These locations have become so cliche, every unwelcome visitor knows to check them. It simply isn’t worth the risk to hide a key in a spot where a burglar will almost definitely look. If you must leave a key out, hide it in a surprising and difficult-to-find place, or even better, entrust it with a neighbour.

Get to Know your Neighbours
Being familiar with your neighbours can go a long way in your security efforts and can increase your comfort levels when away from your home. Neighbours are often more aware of your comings and goings than you may think, and can quickly raise the alarm if any unusual behaviour is spotted. Heading away? Your neighbours can often be relied on to collect mail or move rubbish bins – heightening security by giving the impression that residents’ are home.

While many people are concerned about break-ins occurring overnight, for residential properties, the overwhelming majority occur during the day, when residents are away from the home. Fortunately, securing your home doesn’t have to be complicated. All it takes to add an extra level of security are simple precautions, like closing your windows, to vastly reduce the likelihood of an intrusive experience.

What security measures would Ross take if he was designing his dream home? Installation of Protege alarm systems, with full security camera functionality!

To take your home security to the next level, get in touch today to discuss your options! Together, we can design a bespoke security solution to protect your family, and your assets.

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