You’re probably very familiar with your colleague’s lounge office by now, and they have probably seen your bedroom office set up more than once through a weekly zoom or teams meeting.

Thanks to the global pandemic, the way people are working are changing. Many organisations are adopting a hybrid model, incorporating remote working, shared spaces and drop in drop out work styles. This is becoming the new 9-5 norm as many businesses navigate the COVID-19 climate.

When working from home, how is your setup looking?

Individuals are looking to transform their homes to accommodate working spaces – beyond a zoom meeting at the dining room table. People are spending more on their home office workspace, as this space will be used more and more as an impact of COVID-19. People are renovating rooms to become more work-friendly, upgrading network connectivity, lighting, sound and investing in more ergonomic furniture to promote productivity and comfort when working from home. Acoustic solutions are becoming increasingly popular, especially for working parents and families with young children who require a working space with little to no distractions.

Zoom meetings and video conferencing is the new Monday morning and offers the next best thing to an in-person meeting to out of office workers.

Sound technology and video footage are ever-advancing, so when you need to upgrade your cameras or capture the entire room in one video, Modeliving can help. Offering the latest range of technology and with industry leading advice, we can ensure video and sound capabilities on your devices are working effectively for you.

Connectivity and WIFI connection:

The loss of connection due to unreliable networks can lead to a loss of productivity, which isn’t ideal when working from home. Small to medium businesses are shifting towards mobile and cloud technologies to improve productivity and ease of remote working for employees, so having stable, high performing network solutions enables technology to work for you.

Working from home also applies to students and children impacted by lockdowns and education closures. With the extra devices connected to the WIFI, the last thing you need is a slow connection, so consider investing in secure infrastructure to support increased online activity in your household. Modeliving offers a sturdy network connection throughout the house, ensuring your networks and cloud-based applications deliver a more responsive user experience and work reliably for you. What’s more, through the custom setup, Modeliving can troubleshoot for any problems, schedule network maintenance, and keep track of usage times – handy for the kids!

We understand the importance of connecting online, especially in the current COVID-19 climate. To have a reliable system, you need a reliable network. With the modern workforce becoming increasingly mobile, collaborative and dynamic, industry trends are seeing employees working from home or adopting a drop in drop out style. To work effectively, connectivity at home is crucially important –  which is where Modeliving can step in.

We can assist with home office setups and transform your spare room into a functional, connected space for remote working. Talk to us today.


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