Home technology is ever-changing. With constant model releases and new software, it’s hard to find a system that will set you up for years to come that won’t need to be upgraded or replaced. Modeliving consulted with a client who wanted to make their family home smarter. As a busy household with young children, the family required smarter living, convenience, and the option for future-proofing. Modeliving was able to install a fully integrated smart home system, to seamlessly automate sound and lighting with the option to add additional features such as home security later.

For optimum home automation performance, a reliable and fast WIFI connection is required. Installing a WIFI data networking system, Modeliving assisted the client with installing the relevant systems using leading technology, enabling all devices to be connected through the network, allowing home automation control from iPhones, iPads or Android.

A seamless sound experience both indoors and outdoors was needed for weekend entertaining and family gatherings. Modeliving worked with the client to install The Control4 Home Automation system, which offers premium sound quality through smart home technology. Depending on the form and functionality of different rooms in a house, Modeliving can install a range of speakers to suit the size and design of a space.

The Control4 system promotes customised sound, allowing music to be played throughout different rooms of the house, with the added convenience to change genres, volume and audio rooms via tablet or device. Modeliving assisted the client with installing near invisible speakers both indoors and outdoors, offering an immersive experience with optimum sound quality, executed with minimalistic design.

Control4 offers lighting control from a tablet or device, therefore making it easy to adjust the temperature and brightness of lights throughout the house. As a family with young children, this feature of the Control4 Home Automation System allows the lighting to be changed in certain rooms to promote restful sleep and melatonin, while living rooms may be brighter.

As part of the Home Automation package, the Control4 system has the capacity for future-proofing. This gives the client the option to add additional features such as automatic gate control, intercom anywhere or home security at a later time. This would enable the client to easily install WIFI enabled cameras to monitor outdoor activity or give gate access and keyless entry for the courier to deliver mail if away for the weekend. The benefit of future-proofing features of The Control4 Home Automation System is that additions can be easily installed to the central system. This removes unnecessary costs associated with the setup costs of new automation systems.

“We recently engaged Modeliving to help future proof our home during a renovation. We were drawn to the Control4 system from Modeliving because we can add more features as we need them. Tony and team installed excellent quality products – the sound is amazing! We love it. It’s so much fun and creates a great atmosphere”.  –  Christine Westbury

As a multifaceted system, The Control4 Home Automation System gives you the ultimate control of sound and lighting throughout the entire house. With the scalability of the home system, new features can easily be installed by the Modeliving team.

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