Wharekauhau is regarded as one of the top luxury lodges in New Zealand, situated above the rocks of Palliser Bay in South Wairarapa. Guests from around the world and New Zealand enjoy the luxury farm stay experience in the Edwardian lodge and surrounding cottages.

Modeliving has worked with Wharekauhau for over 5 years to assist with audio visual and security services – creating the ultimate luxury experiences.

In the early years at Wharekauhau a gate was installed for guest security. At the time of install, the electric gate was not able to be connected to the lodge via telecommunications as it’s at the bottom of the property. With no wifi and no phone connection, a phone line was installed to communicate between the gate and the lodge. A phone/voice call would go back to the lodge to identify someone was at the gate. This worked well for a while, but Wharekauhau needed to view guests via video to identify them for security purposes. There was also the additional expense of a monthly phone line. This lead Wharekauhau management to explore other options.

To be able to view guests as they arrived, a video intercom was required. To enable video calls, a data connection was required as video requires bandwidth.

Modeliving provided a 2N Intercom and wireless network connection from the gate back to the lodge. To be able to communicate from gate to lodge, a direct line of sight is required for the connection – this was not possible due to trees and sloping nature of the site. Therefore, Modeliving needed to find an alternative solution.

The solution was to install a wireless network connection from the gate to existing solar panels mounted out in the paddocks providing internet to the lodge. This provided the main internet connection and enabled the gate and lodge connection via the connecting site (as shown in pictures). The three sites (gate, tree site and lodge) communicate to each other to provide the solution.







Modeliving installed IntercomAnywhere technology and an additional security camera at the gate. Wharekauhau guests now arrive at the gate and press the button which notifies reception. Reception can view the person at the gate and open the gate.

There is the added benefit that reception know when someone is coming up the driveway so they can prepare and greet the guests.

The nature of the Wharekauhau site required innovative solutions. Modeliving was able to work with management to provide a custom solution using leading technology. While some believe technology can be challenging, Modeliving makes it easier. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

To find out more about Wharekauhau Luxury Lodge situated in the heart of South Wairarapa, visit their website here. 

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