For guests at Wharekauhau Luxury Lodge situated in South Wairarapa, immersing themselves in the warmth and atmosphere of life at Wharekauhau is part of the experience. High above the thunderous blue surf of Palliser Bay, the Edwardian lodge offers guests the ultimate luxury farm stay experience.

We’ve already shared the gate experience on the blog here, but what about the experience within the lodge?

As guests explore the lodge, each room has a distinct atmosphere. From airy open lounges to smaller intimate settings. Guests can socialise freely or find a cosy space to relax in peace with a favourite novel. The elegant formal dining room flows through to the impressive country kitchen and conservatory. Warm light streams in from the gardens to illuminate an open kitchen, and a home-style table offers guests the chance to discuss the chefs’ secrets of the kitchen.

Wharekauhau had an existing music system running via keypads on the wall. Staff had to adjust volume to suit each room manually. This meant sometimes music would be too loud, or too soft, and perhaps didn’t match the desired atmosphere of the room.

Modeliving consulted with Wharekauhau management to understand how they’d like the atmosphere to feel and specifically how they wanted each room to feel. By installing a Control4 multi room audio system, staff are now able to adjust music volumes via tablet. To ensure the system was unobtrusive and didn’t impair the room aesthetic, in wall speakers were installed to become invisible and painted the wall colour.

Music plays a big part of bringing people together. Wharekauhau is now able to create a space that suits all ages, tastes and genres.

The Wharekauhau lodge is a beautiful building with a stunning aesthetic, now, with the help of Control4 Multi room system the team can design the atmosphere of the room with music. Music can bring people together, and doing it via a tablet makes it easy.

Designing a space to suit your needs, whether it’s your home, or a building like Wharekauhau, Modeliving is here to help. Contact us to talk about your space today.

To find out more about Wharekauhau Luxury Lodge situated in the heart of South Wairarapa, visit their website here. 

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