Have you ever had friends and family over, and the music is playing loudly throughout indoor areas, but you still can’t hear it outside?

Outdoor living areas are often large open spaces with no walls, so sound doesn’t travel far and can easily get lost. This usually means the kitchen or lounge’s volume is substantially louder than outside, where the volume is too quiet in comparison.

Managing audio levels both inside and outside can be a task; however, premium sound quality doesn’t have to stop inside. With The Control4 Multi room system, you and your friends can adjust the volume and change the music via mobile or tablet, allowing a seamless sound experience both inside and outside, at the touch of a device.


Outdoor speakers can often be big and obtrusive; however, with Modeliving this doesn’t have to be the case. When taken outdoors, The Control4 Multi room system transforms outside living spaces into the perfect amphitheatre. Wall speakers are ideal for distributing music and sound, giving a surround sound experience while adding to the aesthetic and feel of a space.

For larger areas, Modeliving can install the Landscape series, an outdoor audio system that allows premium sound quality, with minimal visual obtrusions. Offering exceptional sound, the durable waterproof speakers can be discreetly tucked into the garden and landscaping details, hidden from sight.

The Control4 Multi room system elevates experiences through sound technology, offering an ambience like no other. Cleverly mixing functionality with form, Control4 offers immersive sound capabilities through all indoor and outdoor living spaces. Convenience is at your fingertips, so you won’t need to go inside to find the remote!

Creating a flow from inside to outside, The Control4 Multi room system enhances social experiences through controlled sound technology to optimise your favourite music genres. Creating an amphitheatre feel to outdoor spaces, The Multi room is engineered to deliver superior sound quality with the convenience of browsing and selecting playlists at the touch of a screen- without having to leave your seat.

Designing an outdoor space to suit your needs doesn’t have to be complicated. Modeliving makes it simple.

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