You can breathe easy knowing your home data network needs are taken care of with Control4 while you work from home. But what’s next to ensure personal success while working from home? There are plenty of upsides to working from home, but it can take a bit of getting used to. It often means more flexibility and freedom – things that can leave some feeling a little lost at times.

Structuring your day can help to prioritise your well-being, happiness and productivity. Here’s what you can do to get the most out of your time while working from home, whether it’s part-time, full-time, or sometime in between.

1.      Have a dedicated office space with a door that closes

When you’re working from home, it’s important to designate and optimise a workspace that is not your kitchen counter, bed or living room couch. Having a dedicated space means you can shut the door at the end of the day. Doing this helps create boundaries and a physical sense that your work is separate from your home life.

2.      Set and stick to a routine

If you’re normally at your desk by 8.30am, aim to maintain this routine at home. While you may get a sleep in because you don’t have to commute, it’s important your work day takes its usual shape. This includes doing everything you’d usually do, such as exercising, showering and getting dressed. You also want to be at a desk, rather than working from bed or a couch, when your work day begins.

3.      Ensure personal productivity

  • Set clear boundaries. Avoid blurring the lines between work and personal time. Set your notifications so you’re not responding to work emails while you’re playing with your kids in the park or committing to your meditation schedule. This is also why a dedicated office space is so important. At the end of the day, close the door and leave the work at work.
  • Control your schedule. Structure your day and your calendar to optimise your own productivity. Block out time in your calendar to reflect your priorities.
  • Optimise your environment. Many people who work from home recommend having your desk near natural light and using plants like succulents to create a welcoming atmosphere.

4.      Stay connected with colleagues

Talk with your peers and boss about how you’re going to keep connected. Will you have daily phone calls to check in? Will you be available throughout the day on email or will you use online time management platforms to communicate? Working from home can be isolating, so take the time to connect regularly with those you’re usually around in the office.

If you’re operating solo, staying in touch with your professional contacts or clients could be important not only for your tasks or projects – it can help with your well-being as well enjoying the social side of work too.

5.      Make time for yourself

As you make progress in setting boundaries with your work time, it’s just as important to set boundaries in your personal time.

‘Me’ time is important so you can rest, process, and recharge. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you don’t deserve vacation days or some much-needed downtime.

Even if you can’t book a tropical getaway (yet), you can benefit just as much from a staycation. Burnout is real and you need to take time off from work to relax and rebuild your motivation.

Note: Making time for yourself means with yourself only. Of course, it’s important to spend time with family and friends, but carving out just a half-hour of time if possible in your day for your own hobby or relaxation will do wonders for your well-being.

While working from home can be a challenge at first, it’s also a great opportunity. Many people find they’re more productive or focused when they work remotely. And with the right networks and tools to work from home, you’ll find you can easily stay connected.

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