Unlike your audio visual equipment or the integrated home automation system that you can see, touch, feel and experience, home data network equipment is largely invisible. It sits hidden and out of mind somewhere—on a shelf, in a closet, or in a rack—silently working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring your services, videos, emails, etc., get to where they’re needed. The only time you think about it is when you lose connectivity, or when your system doesn’t work the way you thought it would.

This is exactly why a home data network matters. It’s the foundation of your smart home. It is the single most important thing that you should never worry about.

Why your home data network matters

Today’s smart homes have a multitude of connected devices, each requiring bandwidth from your home data network. Add to that the increasing reliance on streaming services throughout your home and it becomes clear that a robust, high-performing home data network is not just a ‘nice to have’ it’s a ‘must have’. Especially for those working from home.

Whether you have a few devices online or your home is brimming with automation, Control4’s home data networking solutions feature the highest-quality products — all designed for the unique demands of your smart home.

From security cameras to multiroom audio streaming, smart door locks to gaming consoles, Control4’s home data networking ensures that everything works — at all times.

Your network traffic is prioritised so your experience is seamless, reliable, and consistently dependable. Email and internet searches won’t be interrupted while concurrently streaming movies or music, and cameras, intercoms, and other online devices perform just as they should.

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