How a Control4 integrated home automation system can make home life simpler

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Can’t find the right remote to turn on the TV; forgot to turn off the lights in the kitchen before you went to bed; questioning whether you remembered to set the alarm or shut the garage door before you left home? If these sound all too familiar, you should consider installing an integrated home automation system.   

Modeliving chooses to use Control4 as it’s the best in the world.  Not only can a Control4 integrated home automation system make life simpler, it can also make it safer, and more comfortable for you and your family so you can focus more on what matters most. By connecting all your different smart home technology devices into a single platform, you’re able to control and automate your whole home from a single device — whether you’re home or away.

In this blog we’ll explain some of the many benefits to installing a Control4 integrated home control system.


Effortless entertaining 

 Hosting the perfect get-together for friends and family isn’t always easy. Sometimes you spend more time away from the party creating the perfect ambience than you do spending time with guests. A Control4 integrated home automation system can help you keep the party going while dancing up a storm in the living room.

From your desired controller, easily access your media sources and select which songs or movies to play in any area of your home. Stream playlists from sources like Spotify, play songs from your private media collection, or start a film in the theatre room—no matter where you are in your home. A Control4 integrated home automation system makes it easy to manage the media in every part of your home from one interface.


Travel with confidence

Traveling can be stressful knowing your home is vulnerable to crime while you’re away. But when you integrate your home security devices, such as your cameras and smart locks, with your Control4 integrated home automation system, you can stay connected to your home from anywhere in NZ and the world (when the boarders reopen).

Smart surveillance and security, using Control4 integrated home automation systems, enables you to monitor your home at any time from your smartphone. Ensure your doors are locked, the garage door is closed, the alarm system is set, and more. Forgot to lock a door? Just open the Control4 app on your smartphone and lock up your home in seconds.

For added home security, integrated sensors can trigger outdoor lights to illuminate when motion is detected on your property. Keep potential criminals at bay with a ‘Mockupancy’ scene that adjusts your interior lights, shades, and even your TVs at random times to trick onlookers into thinking someone is home.


Live greener

While the severity of climate change may be debatable for some, we all know the importance of living greener for a more sustainable planet. If you’re looking for ways to lower your carbon footprint, a Control4 integrated home automation system can help you manage your electricity use by automating your thermostats, motorised shades, and lighting to work together for optimal energy savings.

Regulate your interior ecosystem with temperature sensors and automated settings to ensure lower electricity bills. During winter, your window treatments can help insulate your home at night and let in solar heat and natural light during the day. In summer, closed shades cool your home and give your heating, ventilation, and air condition (HVAC) system a break. Control your lighting and climate from any location and at any time with your smartphone for improved peace of mind and energy savings.


Top notch customer service 

Within the industry Control4 are known for their outstanding customer support.

The Control4 website has resources to help you learn how to use your integrated home automation system, including the idea gallery, which shows a variety of customers and how they chose to automate their homes.

Every piece of Control4 equipment comes ready to install, so we can add to the system over time without the need to rebuild it from the ground up. 

This modularity means you can start small, gradually adding what you can afford, and eventually turning your home into a fully automated smart home, one piece at a time!

Tell us a bit about what you need, and we’ll give you some free recommendations. Just fill out the free appraisal form to start the conversation. 

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