Why you need an accredited installer to bring your smart home to life


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More and more homeowners have begun to get a taste of experiences like smart lights, thermostats, surveillance cameras, and voice control from singular DIY devices. But, as industry professionals, we know that experience is far from what’s possible today.

The smart home promise is for all devices to “just work,” and to do so together; but this is hardly the DIY experience. Few homeowners are equipped to install smart devices like door locks and thermostats, let alone troubleshoot, no matter how technologically savvy. According to an American study by iQuor about DIY devices, “nearly one in four consumers (22%) couldn’t resolve the issue or simply gave up, and returned the product for a refund.” The Modeliving team have encountered similar frustrations from customers sharing their failed DIY experiences.

Installation of smart devices by professional installers is critical to create an orchestrated smart home, whether it be a one-room, multi-room, or whole-home installation with hundreds of devices. A smart home is more than the sum of its parts; it requires a relationship between the homeowner specifying what they need and the installer programming the system to succeed.

Control4 is a world-leading home automation system that’s able to perform incredible feats! The system plays nicely with over 14,000 connected devices that accredited installers such as Modeliving, can orchestrate to create customised experiences that are helpful, personal, and secure. For example Modeliving can programme the Control4 automation system to integrate your TV remote, Sky remote, Apple TV remote, your Blu-Ray player remote and many more all into one app! So when you press ‘watch’ on your iPhone it turns on your smart TV, Sky box, and finds your favourite channel without you needing to find and press buttons on three or four remotes to make it happen!


Why choose Modeliving Control4 accredited installers?

  • We are part of a worldwide Control4 dealership network, with access to additional technical support if needed.
  • Gives you the confidence in knowing the system has been professionally designed and installed, not only functioning as it should, but delights! And can be adapted to your needs far into the future.
  • When you hire a professional installer, you’re employing an educated expert. We have to undergo extensive Control4 annual training including a six hour exam which we have to pass to retain our Control4 installer status.
  • We are continuously furthering our education to learn more about the industry, to be on top of evolving technology and remaining masters in the field.
  • Additionally, we conduct comprehensive and continuous in-house training including the Associate Installer Certification and Automation Programmer Certification ­­– musts to become part of the Modeliving team.

With Modeliving, you know you’re in good hands. Technology can be challenging, Modeliving makes it easier.

So fill out our free appraisal form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your smart home automation needs.

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